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A Higher Standard of Care

The demise of private medical practice is well documented and has moved toward large corporate organizations.  Currently, individual dental care is being put under the same pressures now putting the private dental practice in jeopardy.  The insurance companies are forcing dentists to compromise the quality of care they provide to their patients by encouraging dentists to see more patients in a shorter amount of time and to use less quality materials (i.e. low quality restorations like crowns and implants).  In an environment like the greater Seattle area, where inflation affects all costs like labor, rent and materials, this is simply unsustainable.   


As a patient, you have a lot of choices of dentists, especially in the Redmond and surrounding areas, but Dr. Dillon refuses to compromise in the way he treats his patients. Providing top notch excellence in dental care is the only option, so Dr. Dillon is choosing you over the insurance companies.  This allows him to continue providing you, our valued patients, with the following benefits: 


  • Nearly 25 years of experience

  • Advanced credentialing in all phases of General Dentistry including contemporary implant diagnostic and treatment protocols 

  • Highly experienced and skilled in all materials and techniques, and also more traditional restorative options, most notably gold onlays and crowns (read more about gold and implants)

  • A conservative approach to maintain as much of your natural tooth structure as possible

  • Customized treatment plans with options

  • A very personalized experience

  • Quality time with Dr. Dillon up front resulting in less need for future treatment and unnecessary expenses later 

  • Custom crowns and a custom shade by a master lab technician

  • A team of Specialists when your treatment includes root canals, gum grafts, extractions, bone grafts and implants

  • Complete transparency to an estimate of costs and insurance benefits (if applicable) 


How does my insurance work with your office?

How does my insurance work with your office?

We accept almost all dental insurance plans so you can choose to come to see us!  Even though we are not a "preferred" provider or "in network" with your insurance plan, you can still take advantage of your dental benefits.  We will submit the claim to your insurance carrier on your behalf and in most cases, you should get the same coverage for your bi-annual cleanings and possibly any fillings or crowns you need.  However, since we will not be "in the network" of your dental plan, you may have to pay an amount above what that insurance carrier considers to be "reasonable and customary" once the claim processes through.   This may be fairly minimal or might be more than you are used to paying out of pocket.  If you want to get a better idea what to expect, then please give us a call and we would be happy to check with your specific insurance plan and can provide you with an estimate of what those costs might be.  

Dr. Dillon's philosophy...

Dr. Dillon believes that investing in your teeth should be a top priority!  Your oral health is vital to your overall health!  Investing in your gums and teeth and how they function is one of the best investments you can make.  You use your teeth every day for talking, biting, chewing and most importantly - smiling!  Having a great smile will most certainly improve your confidence, but having teeth that can function and allow you to chew food for the rest of your life is necessary!  People are living well into their 90's nowadays - think long term.  Make the investment now so you can benefit later.  That is Dr. Dillon's priority and it should be yours too.

A day in the life of our office...

We maintain a small practice with only a few employees for a reason... because providing each and every patient a personalized experience by Dr. Dillon himself and our staff is of the utmost importance.  In fact, Dr. Dillon doesn't rely solely on his assistant or his hygienist to do all of the work.  If he needs to step in to help in any capacity, then he will always do so.  He expects all of his employees to do the same.  We have to work together as a team and we enjoy it!  You might find Dr. Dillon cleaning your teeth on occasion, or sterilizing the instruments and you will definitely find him taking your impression for a crown he is customing for you because he wants to make sure the impression is absolutely perfect so the crown fits perfectly.  You might have to spend a little extra time in the chair so Dr. Dillon can make sure the tooth prep is perfect, the impression is perfect and the crown fits perfectly, but that extra time up front is well worth it.  The insurance companies don't make it possible for dentists to provide this level of quality like they used to and it is unfortunate for both the patient and to the art of Dentistry.   

We have so many wonderful patients in our practice and many have been with Dr. Dillon from the beginning.  We enjoy getting to know everyone, learning about their families, their vacations and treating them like we would treat our own family.  We have watched many young children grow into successful adults with their own families now.   All of those relationships take time and investment and are truly the joy of our work on a daily basis.    


We are simply not going to allow the insurance companies to take the quality of care we believe in away from us and we hope you won't either!


Call us today to make an appointment or set up a complementary consultation.  You can trust us with your smile! 

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