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Brian J Dillon DDS PLLC is a BBB Accredited Dentist in Redmond, WA

Gold Restorations

If a dental crown is needed, gold crowns (restorations) are what more dentists choose for themselves than any other type of material.

What Are The Advantages Of Cast Gold Crowns and Restorations?

What Are The Disadvantages Of Cast Gold Crowns and Restorations?

Dr. Brian J. Dillon has been a member of The Academy of R.V. Tucker Study Clubs since 1996 and is accomplished in gold restorative dentistry. The Academy of R. V. Tucker Study Clubs is an international group of dentists who are committed to excellence in the placement of conservative cast gold restorations. To learn more about cast gold restorations, please visit the Academy's web site.

For more dental crown information or to learn if gold crowns are right for you, contact our office today.

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